‘to dance is to spring from the hand of god.’

she dreams she is nijinski

that squat mongol whose fiery leaps

burn off his clay release the god

jettisoning earth pull he soars skyward

hangs in the heavens for long heartbeats

a comet blazing through the sky

touches down with seismic shock

purple red blue green arcing from his feet


she yearns to be nijinski

the flesh and bones  blood and sinews

transformed by mastery of will

to soar to swoop to hang

by sheer mesmeric power to hold

self and watchers in a breathless arc

choose when to break the spell touch foot to floor

all in their seats lusting for him

the man-doll man-god


her desire goes far beyond

the costumes scenery music lights

beyond the pirouettes and grandes jettées

to the root of it all she lusts

not just to be the dancing god but

to live his life take his lovers

fuck whom he fucked be whom he fucked

taste the greasepaint sweat and semen

and know them to be hers.

This poem with its companion, Mahler, was awarded 2nd place in the 2014 FAW National Literary Awards John Shaw Neilson Poetry Award.