diving down
I hold my breath
the water is dark and murky
I need a light to see
where I am going
up there the water
was sunny and clear
the golden light
piercing sharp     silk ribbons
sliding into turquoise depths
down here the light is dim
mysterious   blooming
a cathedral of ocean arches
over my head
the water sways   booming
flowing   ebbing
returning   in the dark
shapes loom, swelling and fading
before they come to focus   I drift
silently down the aisle   peering
around each coral column   gazing
at the fan vaulting   disturbing
tiny shining fish   brilliant gleams
of white and gold   red and blue
flashing as they flit away.

the bell booms faintly   like a marker
over here   I clamber awkwardly
onto the tilting deck   clinging
to the rusty railing trailing
anchor chain strands of weed   and hands
feet  knees  tremble as I stumble
edging past the mast   and down
the stairs into his cabin
here is his chair   his rolltop desk
his telescope  almanac  medals
here are his books  his pens  his shelves
his slippers sprout beneath the bunk
the cabin door swings with the current

(This poem was originally called Untitled 25.)