The web

Useless to struggle   fruitless to fight

I am  ensnared   enmeshed   trapped

like a blundering moth or greedy fly

caught in a web of great subtlety

beyond sight   beyond touch

its fragile helical strands

binding me tighter than chains of steel.

A net of such strength and durability

should fill my dungeon   snap tight

around my limbs   my wrists   my ankles

clank and groan when I try to move

proclaiming me a prisoner   doomed

for the term of my natural life. Yet

these chains are so tiny

no-one seeing me could guess my fate.

Perhaps in my voice   my eyes   my gestures

they might catch a glimpse   hear an echo

half see out of the corner of their eye

my prison door slowly closing.   Others

more aware of the past

can compare my chains with those of others

they have known

sisters   mothers   grandmothers.

For the ties that bind are ties indeed

spun from that most durable thread

life itself   DNA   twisting   rotating

replicating   duplicating in my life

the life of others   mothers

unto the seventh generation

and such is the power

and subtlety of this thread

that we rejoice and weep to see it ensnare

our daughters   daughters   daughters.