Upcoming launch

My latest news is that my verse novel – Newtown Voices – will be launched in Newtown (Sydney) on Sunday June 4, 2017!

Set in the gritty innercity suburb of Newtown in 1978, we experience everyday life through the voices of four characters – locals Tom and Buzz, and newcomers Jaroslav and Harry. Violence, intimidation, corruption, bombings, wogs, dagos, Abos and Aussies, racism, sexism, homophobia, poverty, drugs, and disco dancing. But it’s not all grim – there’s friendship and love, fun and new experiences. And beer and egg & bacon rolls.

Based on true events, this is my first verse novel, and I’m very excited to have it published. It will be launched by award winning Australian poet & writer, Mark Tredinnick.

If you’re interested in attending the launch, or buying a copy of Newtown Voices, please email me.