Dancing with Cats 2

by suecartledge

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This is the Part 2 of my Dancing with Cats trilogy. Don’t be confused by the fact that the first stanza is identical to the first stanza of Part 1. There’s method in my madness, as you’ll see when you read on.

Dancing with Cats 2

Dancing with cats is not an easy manoeuvre,

considering the awkward disparity in height

between cats and humans. Even a Maine Coon

or a Russian Blue is considerably shorter

than me, and I’m only one

hundred-and-sixty centimetres (five foot two) tall.


Does it matter, you may ask, just how tall

your partner is in this hypothetical manoeuvre

since this dancing with cats scenario is one

in which you can set your fancied feline’s height

to suit your own, shorter

or taller—or yours to theirs—to swing with the Maine Coon.


Some prefer Persians or Siamese to the Maine Coon,

or Burmese, liking their cats vocal, bossy, thin and tall.

Being a human, and a woman built on the shorter

scale, I prefer not to have to daily manoeuvre

or negotiate with a cat taking advantage of their relative height,

to assume the role of the dominant one.


So, if I took the opportunity to dance with cats, which one

would deign to dance with me? The lordly Maine Coon,

bowing to me from his (or her) relative height?

I’m not fussed about gender, what matters is our ratio of tall

to short as we embark on this terpsichorean manoeuvre.

If they wanted to lead, should I be the shorter?


If, in fact, my partner was happy to be the one shorter,

would that cause me to become the one

to take the lead in this dangerous manoeuvre

Imagine me tangoing with a handsome Maine Coon

Has he shot up to six foot tall

or have I, Alice-like, shrunk to his height?


So, again, let us ask how important is height?

Does it matter a jot which one is the shorter,

since no-one at all has a say in how tall

they grow to be: neither humans nor cats, no-one,

Not even the tallest domestic feline, the giant Maine Coon.

My height, or lack of it, is a factor with which I daily manoeuvre.


It’s clear the issue of height in this balletic manoeuvre,

While best dealt with by choosing that tall Maine Coon,

still leaves unanswered the question: who’s the shorter one?


© S Cartledge 2016